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The T's & C's

Welcome to Just Sent It! By accessing or using our services, you agree to comply with these terms and conditions.

We may modify or terminate services at our discretion.

Users are responsible for providing correct Lot information and shipping destination address.

1) Payment for products or services must be made before collection of goods via either Debit Card, Credit Card, BACS or Cheque.

2) Before dispatch, the Company's responsibility for loss or damage to Goods, whether collected by or on behalf of the Company, in transit to the Company's premises, or held in trust for the Customer at the Company's premises, shall not surpass £2,500 per item (with an aggregate cap of £10,000 per consignment) or, if higher, the declared value of the Goods by the Customer ('The Value').

3) Upon settling the relevant charges for Packaging Material and Packaging Labour, the Company will professionally pack the Goods in accordance with the Carrier's standards.

4) The Goods must not contain any hazardous or illegal substances. The Company provides a list of prohibited items, including dangerous goods. The acceptance of Goods for carriage is subject to approval by the Carrier. If the Carrier refuses to accept the Goods, the Company will retain the items, informing the Customer. In such cases, payments are non-refundable, and the Customer is responsible for any additional packaging and shipping charges incurred.

5) The Customer acknowledges being informed by the Company about the Carrier's packaging standards regarding pressure, shock, vibration, temperature, and compression. By accepting this, the Customer understands that neither the Company nor the Carrier will be held liable for any damage claimed for Goods packed for the Customer. Consequently, the carriage of Goods packaged for the Customer is undertaken at the Customer's own risk.

6) If the Company has received or collected Goods for shipment on behalf of the Customer, and neither payment is received nor shipping instructions are provided, the Goods will be held at no charge for up to 7 days. After this period, a storage fee will apply (£3 per day, per item). If instructions and payment are not received within an additional 60 days, the Company reserves the right to dispose of the Goods, deducting all fees and incurred expenses from any payment to be refunded to the Customer. Throughout this period, the Goods are stored at the Customer's risk.

7) Parcels are fully insured, which protects your items against potential loss/or damage.

8) A signature is required upon delivery, ensuring your parcel has been received safely by the intended recipient.

9) Prohibited Items for Shipment:

10a. Shipments requiring special licenses or permits for transportation, importation, or exportation, unless the Customer provides the necessary license and complies with Carrier's Terms and Conditions.

10b. Shipments prohibited by any law, statute, or regulation in the UK, Republic of Ireland, or the destination country.

10c. Wet packages, including wet ice, leaking, or emitting any odours.

10d. Live animals, insects, household pets, and live fish.

10e. Human corpses, organs, body parts, disinterred human remains (except blood, urine, other liquid diagnostic specimens, or cremated human remains).

10f. Firearms, weaponry, ammunition, and their parts.

11. Drugs, including prescription drugs.

12. Dangerous (Hazardous) Goods:

12a. Class One: Explosives.

12b. Class Two: Gases compressed, liquefied, or dissolved under pressure.

12c. Class Three: Flammable liquids.

12d. Class Four: Flammable solids.

12e. Class Five: Oxidising substances and organic peroxides.

12f. Class Six: Toxic and infectious substances.

12g. Class Seven: Radioactive material.

12h. Class Eight: Corrosives.

12i. Class Nine: Miscellaneous dangerous goods.

13. Specific Exclusions:

13a. Dangerous and Prohibited Goods (as classified above).

13b. Money (cash, except numismatic/collectable coins and notes; stamps, except philatelic items; negotiable instruments equivalent to cash such as endorsed stocks, bonds, letters of credit, and banker’s drafts).

13c. Shipments to PO Box addresses or their equivalent.

13d. Cash on delivery shipments.

13e. Foodstuffs and beverages requiring refrigeration or other environmental control.

13f. Lottery or other gambling tickets or receipts.

13g. Perishables.

13h. Ivory.

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